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P.A.Ravichandran, President P.Shanmugasundaram, Secretary M.Muthumani, Treasurer Read more

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23-04-2014: New!

Empanelment of Hospitals at Kolkata and Chennai – view corporate office instructions

Reporting and Reviewing structure for Executives in BSNL - amendment for Civil/Electrical Wing Executives – View orders


TN Circle Orders:

Regularization of Service Mobile Connection on Superannuation/Death/VRS/Transfer/Deputation etc. – View instructions

BSNL CO Orders:

Retirement on Superannuation of Civil Wing Executives for the month of March-14 – View copy

TN Circle Orders:

Transfer and posting in the grade of PS/PA - view copy

Ch.TD Orders:

Verification of DOB details of the Retiring Officers/Officials with the service Book Records –View letter, Annexure


BSNL Orders

Extension of CGHS facility to retired BSNL Employees – view letter

CHQ News:

Meeting with DIR(HR): GS Com K Sebastin, President Com G L Jogi and AGS Com Vivek Wankhede met Sri A N Rai, DIR(HR) on 02.04.2014 and discussed:
a)    Amendment to BSNLMS RR in case of promotion from SDE (C/E) to EE(C/E):DIR(HR) informed that the proposal is under the active consideration of BSNL Management. However the claim of different stake holders on the matter to be examined. Assn strongly pleaded for bringing parity at par with other streams like Telecom / Finance etc as that will be the best solution available. DIR(HR) agreed to examine the proposal with the relevant facts and legal issues before taking a final decision. As the amendment may take few months time and the new RR will be in force from the date of notification, Assn requested to complete the DPCs at the earliest. 

b)    DPC from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE and DE to DGM: DIR(HR) informed that they are waiting for the decision from Hon CAT on JTO to SDE promotion. On SDE to DE and DE to DGM promotions, BSNL is filing an IA in the Hon Supreme Court seeking clarifications on the interim order of “status on seniority” citing the acute shortage. 

c)    Tenure transfer and issuing transfer orders well before completion of tenure:Nowadays, it is observed that even after completion of tenure, the transfer orders are not issued by BSNLCO resulting in overstay in tenure places. There is no meaning in declaring these stations as tenure places if the officials are forced to overstay there, Assn pointed out.The tenure transfer order of officials completed tenure at Leh in J&K on 23.02.2014 (with -14 degree temp), not issued even today. The transfer orders are not issued on flimsy grounds that the applications are not received through proper channel etc. Assn demanded that the tenure transfer orders should be issued well in advance, two months before the completion of tenure and the officials should be relieved immediately after completion of tenure without waiting for the substitute. All data is available in the HRMS package like date of joining, leave etc and BSNLCO has to act on the HRMS data based on the advance copy if the formal forwarding letter not received well in advance.  DIR(HR) immediately directed GM(P) to make a waiting list at Pers section and issue transfer orders well in advance from the list.  

d)    Rule 8 transfer cases: Assn requested to consider the Rule 8 cases as large no of JTOs completed more than 8 years and some of the female JTOs are staying with their small kids and some are finding it difficult to get suitable marriage alliance. Now TTA to JTO LICE candidates joined in the Circles as JTOs and CGMs will be in a position to consider the cases. DIR(HR) assured to take up the matter with the CGMs immediately.

e)    Retention of the officials after 31.03.2014: DIR(HR) mentioned that the retention upto 31.03.2014 given in order to give sufficient time to move to the new places after making suitable arrangements and now all have to move to the new places. Assn requested to consider the genuine medical cases like cancer, mental and physical retarded cases of self and family members etc and the immunity cases as per the rule. DIR(HR) agreed to examine such cases.

BSNL CO Orders

Regular promotion to the SDE(C) grade under LDCE quota (33% quota) : VC’s – called for –view list

Transfer posting in the grade of SDE(C) – View order copy

Decrease in IDA w.e from 01/04/2014 is 2.10% (Total 88.4%)

Ch.TD News
Supply of APAR forms for the year 2013-14 for the use of Executives. view

TN Circle Orders

Additional charge arrangements during the leave period of SAG officers [CE (C)]. view

Ch.TD Orders

Renewal of occupation of Staff Quarters is a mandatory obligation of everystaff………….Renewal through electronic mode introduced by the Ch.TD – view circular

Transfer and posting in the grade of SDE (Civil). View order

BSNL CO Orders

Promotion in the grade of Chief Engineer (Civil) – View Order copy

Present SE (C), Ch.TD, Shri.R.K.Gupta is promoted and posted as CE (C), Ch.TD. The present CE (C), Shri.A.K.Bansal is transferred to Shillong.

FINAL ANSWER KEY OF LICE FOR PROMOTION TO THE GRADE OF SDE (Civil) HELD ON 15-12-2013 ("No representations/request whatsoever shall be considered/ entertained in connection with final Answer Keys.") – View Key Paper IPaper II


BSNL CO Orders

Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) for promotion from JTO (Civil) to the grad of SDE (Civil) under 33% quota held on 15-12-2013 – Results Declared – View Copy

Base Rates for Cement and Steel for the month of March 2014 issued by the CPWD - view circular

New Guidelines issued by the Government of India on Schedule of Accommodation (SOA) based on the 6th Pay Commission recommendations – View circular

Transfer posting in the grade of SDE(C) – View order copy

Ch.TD News

Redistribution of works amongst Civil Divisions in Chennai w.e.from 01/04/2014 – View

Circle News:

First Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA (I), TN circle is proposed to be held at Conference Hall in CGM Office, Greams Road, Chennai on 10/05/2014. All DOBs are requested to conduct local meetings and send a consolidated list of issues for discussions in the CEC meeting and for making resolutions for the ensuing CWC meeting to be held at Jaipur – view CEC notification and agenda


Ch.TD News

Free computer training for wards of employees at DTTC Tambaram – View Circular

CHQ News:

GS, President and both AGSs had meeting with CMD/BSNL and DIR(HR) on the ongoing agitation notice served by SNEA (I) on various HR issues and issues related to the viability of BSNL. GM(SR) and DGM(SR) also present in the meeting. The response from CMD and DIR(HR) was very positive in resolving the issues through mutual discussions. The following issues were discussed in detail and remaining HR issues like standard pay scales, promotions in different cadres and Pay anomalies  will be discussed in presence of the concerned nodal GMs tomorrow at 12.30 PM.
1.  BSNL/ MTNL merger: Assn mentioned that before taking any decision on merger, issues like market liability of MTNL, disinvestment of MTNL and HR related issues to be sorted out. CMD categorically assured that BSNL will not go ahead with merger unless and until the 10 to 15 identified issues related to merger are resolved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.  In fact BSNL has listed out the issues and discussing it with the administrative ministry and working on it. He appreciated the concern of the leaders and members of SNEA(I) on the issue but assured us that merger will take place only after the related issues are addressed.
2. Formation of subsidiary for towers and land banks: Assn pointed out that subsidiary formation will lead to disinvestment and no way it will help BSNL as the decision making and other aspects will be the same. CMD informed that BSNL Board has not taken any formal decision to form subsidiary company. But there is a need for BSNL to infuse the capital for expanding the network even if we want to continue our existing growth. Now we are running on cash deficit. Govt. may not be in a position to bail out BSNL likeAir India or ITI as it requires huge amount to the tune of 25,000 to 40,000 crores. We have to find ways to finance the company, besides providing good services, in order to keep pace with the competitive market. Finally CMD assured that Mgt will share all the details regarding the tower subsidiary formation within a couple of days with the Association.
3. Implementation of Time Bound Functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy: Mgt informed that as assured earlier, Mgt side had made some proposal on 14th March. It will be further discussed in the Committee. Assn agreed to have further discussion on the proposal in the committee.
4. 30% superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees: BSNL Mgt informed that a high level committee is examining the issue further. The HLC will seek the opinion of the assn also before taking a decision. The HLC already invited the Forum for a discussion on 14.03.2014. Further action will be expedited. 
5. Pension contribution on actual of basic instead of maximum of the pay scale: Assn informed the recent development on this issue and our meeting the Sri Narayana Samy, Hon MOS for Personnel, JT Sec/DoPT and Jt Sec/DoP&PW in this regard. Secretary/DoT and JKt Sec/DoT assured us that the matter will be once again taken up with DoPT and DoE. CMD assured to pursue the matter in DoT.
6. Strategy to counter Reliance JIO:
After listening to our concerns on the issue, CMD informed that BSNL Mgt is working out on it and it is premature to reach a conclusion on the impact of Relaince –Jio on BSNL. We have to improve the existing services like 3G, FTTH and Broadband. On implementation of NGN switch, we can work out on Fixed Mobile convergence. He welcomed the suggestions from the Assn on this subject. 
After very fruitful discussion on the above issues, it is decided to continue the discussion on the remaining HR issues tomorrow. At the end of the discussion, CMD and DIR(HR) appealed to withdraw the agitation with assurance to resolve the issues through mutual discussions. Considering the very positive response from both CMD and DIR(HR) in resolving the issues through mutual discussions, Assn decided to defer the “Relay hunger strike fromtomorrow19th March, 2014”. Discussion will continue with DIR(HR) in presence of concerned GMs tomorrow at 12.30 PM


CHQ News:


Meeting took place with CMD and DIR HR on BSNL viability issues and HR issues. Agreed to continue detailed discussion on HR issues tomorrow. Considering the positive response from BSNL Mgt to resolve the issues and the appeal made by CMD and DIR HR, it is decided to defer the relay hunger strike from tomorrow. Convey to all our DSs and activists- Details will be uploaded later


CHQ News:

CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in BSNL:

Restructuring Cell of BSNL Corporate office circulated the Draft revised promotion policy to the Joint Committee members. Feedback / Comments on the draft policy may be mailed to the CHQ ( at the earliest ...... View draft proposal.


What forced SNEA (I) to launch agitation programme:


III.    Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% quota for the vacancy years 2009-10 onwards, JAO to AO promotions, holding of LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T) against 33% quota for the vacancy years 2010-11 onwards, SDE to DE promotions in all streams, DE to DGM promotions. Increase the number of Management Trainees (Intl) from the proposed 150 to a minimum of 300.


The preparatory work for JTO (T) to SDE(T) promotion started two years back. The JTOs recruited for 1995 vacancy year is waiting for their first promotion for the last 17 to 18 years, the level of stagnation we witnessed in DoT period of 1990s. Vacancies from 2009-10 onwards lying unfilled! The All India Eligibility list prepared, ACRs and VCs collected, months back. Then why not DPC and promotions? The answer is very simple. BSNL Mgt could not get the stay vacated from Hon CAT, EKM. More frankly, CGMT/KRL and his team not taken any step to get the stay vacated even after the intervention of DIR(HR)! CGMs are not listening to the CMD / DIR(HR)/ BSNLCO? Our Board of Directors to introspect. Assn put the best legal team available in Ernakulam in the name of respondents, but as the main affected party, BSNL, not coming forward to defend the case, understanding the gravity of the situation, then what option left for us?

Similarly LDCE quota from 2010-11 is also pending. Now the Mgt agreed to simplify the papers by making it a single paper, but the process is not picking up momentum. It can take few weeks time but not months or years together. LDCE is a fast track promotion to motivate the talented performers and if it is not happening for years together, then where is the motivation? The very purpose of conducting LDCE is getting defeated.

SDEs promoted in 1994 are still waiting for their DE promotion when more than 2700 DE posts out of 3978 in the 75% quota lying vacant! Of course some of them are working as Adhoc DEs. The vacancies of 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 remains unfilled. We are really grateful to BSNL Mgt for taking a decision to end Adhocism in DE promotion. But it has to translate into promotions. VCs are called repeatedly, getting expired. The legal complications on seniority, created by DoT/BSNL is the main hurdle. Even then, BSNL can go ahead with promotions as done earlier, if it has the will to do it and give promotions to the eligible candidates. Otherwise there are so many of excuses, this court case, that court case etc. Whenever Mgt took bold decision either in 2010 or in 2013, we had seen they are coming out successful with promotion orders. The situation in 2014 is not different. Only missing link is the will power of BSNL Management to go ahead with promotions!

JAO to AO promotions also delayed years together due to court cases between BSNL absorbed JAOs, postal JAOs and BSNL recruited JAOs. Another court case on roster matter. Now legal hurdles are over and there are sufficient no of vacancies to accommodate all the sections. Again some bold decisions on the judgment is to be taken by BSNL Mgt to effect promotions. When BSNL Mgt is competent to take decisions, there is no justification to seek clarifications from DoT or DOPT.  

Amendment to BSNLMS RR for making Diploma holders also eligible for SDE(C/E/Arch) to EE(C/E/Arch) promotion is under the consideration of Mgt for long time. When parity brought in all the cadres for scales, time bound promotions etc, the undue delay in the amendment causing heartburns among the senior comrades of Civil/Elect/Arch wings.  The Mgt should act swiftly to make the necessary amendments. 

DE to DGM promotions:
 Few years back, there was no eligible candidate in BSNL for DGM promotions. Today hundreds of Executives are eligible for DE promotions and field units are suffering due to shortage of DGMs. About 40% DGM posts are vacant. All the preparatory work completed but again the bold decision from the management to give promotions to the eligible candidates.

MT (Intl) recruitment started in 2007 for filling up the vacuum in the top Management. In 2014 also, situation is not different. The proposal is lying idle in the rect cell. In 2009, the decision was to rect 500 MTs. After 5 years, the proposal is to recruit 150 MTs. In other words, BSNL Mgt is in the reverse gear. Not only the DoT recruits, even the BSNL rects are crossing 40 years of age, the eligibility condition. When vacancies and requirements are more, recruitment in less number!

These promotions should continue till the Time Bound Functional promotion concept is implemented in BSNL. All the vacant posts to be filled up on war footing as seniors are retiring without getting their eligible promotions even at the fag end of their service. The youngsters to be motivated to get better performance. 

When initiative and urgency on the part of the management missing, when persuasions not yielding desired results, what option left for us now? 


Rotational Transfers - 2014 in the grade of JTO (C) - options called by the PCE (C) office. Last date for exercising the option is 27/03/2014 - View letter

CHQ News:

Results of the LDCE for promotion to the grade of Sub Divisional Engineer (Civil) under 33 % quota held on 15/12/2013 will be declared by this month end

Monday, the 14th April 2014 has been declared as a closed holiday on account of birthday of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar - view order

BSNL CO Letters/Orders:

1.    Regular Promotion of executives in the grade of EE(C) or equivalent for Civil Engineering Stream of BSNLMS - Calling of VC/ACR etc. ACRVCDegree Verification

2.    Transfer / posting in the grade of SDE(C). View

3.    Retirement order in the grade of CE(C). View

4.    Retirement on superannuation for the month of February 2014. view

TN Circle letters:

New Holiday Home at Coonoor. View

CHQ/Circle Programs:

19th to 21st March, 14                   RELAY HUNGER STRIKE

View Poster

Regular Promotion in the grade of SDE (C) - Re posting orders issued by the PCE (C) office today. View order copy

Base Rate for Cement and Steel for the month of January and February 2014 issued by the CPWD. Chennai CityTamil Nadu and Puducherry

CHQ news:

Comrades, make extensive preparations for the Full Day DHARNA on 06.03.2014 by taking mass casual leave ---- Start door to door campain to mobilize the membership --- ensure 100% participation of our comrades --- CSs and CHQ/Circle office bearers should tour the Circle and SSAs on the day of Dharna.


Additional Charge of PCE (Civil), Hyderabad. view

Regular promotion from JTO(C) grade to SDE(C) grade under seniority cum fitness stream –View order copy


TN Circle News:

Dear Comrades,
Make extensive preparations for the TU programmes, Demonstration on 25.02.14, Dharna on 06.03.14  and  Relay  hunger  strike  from 19th March 2014 to 21st march, 2014 to achieve our 6 demands.
1) Replace existing non standard pay scales by standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc.  No demotion of the basic cadres JTO/JAO, SDE/AO.
2) Implement Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 with first Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.
3) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.
4) Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T), JAO to AO, LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T), SDE to DE and DE to DGM.
5) Settlement of long pending pay anomalies.
6) Increase the number of MTs (Intl) to a minimum of 300 and immediate recruitment.
-CS / TNC.
View Notice issued by CS            View CHQ Notice

BSNLMRS - Empanelment of Hospitals for treatment on payment basis - TN circle at Chennai. View

Ch.TD News:

Procurement of Technical / Financial Hand Book cum-diary for the year 2014. View

Workshop on IPMS implementation – postponed to 04/03/2014 and 05/03/2014. View

14-02-2014: New!

Ch.TD News:

Training on ERP Implementation. View

CGMT / TN issued instructions regarding 3G and GRRS facility to all officers in the level of JTO w.r.t our CS / TN Letter dated 07-02-14. The facility is extended for 6 months i.e. up to 31-07-2014 - View order copy.

Renting out BSNL premises for ATMs – letter from GM (EB)

Transfer/Posting in the grade of SE(C). View


SNEA(I) served notice for Trade Union actions

on 10.02.14

Start grass root level preparations.


1) Replace existing non standard pay scales by standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres up to SGJAG.  No demotion of the basic cadres JTO / JAO, SDE / AO.

2) Implement Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL analogous to CPSU cadre hierarchy with first Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.

3) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees as per the agreement between the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations and the BSNL Mgt on 12.06.2012.

4) Promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) under 67% quota for the vacancy years 2009-10 onwards, JAO to AO promotions, holding of LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T) against 33% quota for the vacancy years 2010-11 onwards, SDE to DE promotions in all streams, DE to DGM promotions.

5) Settlement of long pending pay anomalies i) Pay protection during officiating promotion till the implementation of TBP ii) Antedating of increment iii) Senior drawing less pay than Junior after promotions.

6) Increase the number of Management Trainees (Intl) from the proposed 150 to a minimum of 300 and take expeditious action to complete the recruitment process.

Trade Union Programmes:

25.02.2014: Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, CIR/SSA HQs.

06.03.2014: Full Day DHARNA at CHQ, CIRCLE / SSA HQs.


        to          RELAY HUNGER STRIKE at CHQ, CIR / SSA HQs.


 View Notice Copy

 Further course of Trade Union action will be intimated in due course.

Comrades, last few years, Association is struggling to resolve the long pending HR issues trough deliberations. Considering the stiff competition in the telecom field, as a responsible Association, we have resorted to great restraint, strictly following the path of negotiations, fully focusing on the growth and financial viability of the company. The Management appears to have exploited our concern for the prospects of the Company, in turn, closing its eyes on the genuine issues pending for a very long time. The lethargic attitude of the BSNL Management in looking at the serious issues, not to speak of resolving them, has left the Association with no other alternative but to serve notice for Trade Union actions demanding the immediate resolution of the issues. As per our Patna CWC decisions, we tried our level best to have a united struggle in the banner of United Forum but could not succeed. The proposed move to demote the basic cadres JTO/JAO to E1 scale and other major pending issues forced the Association to serve the notice.


Issue of guidelines relating to residential accommodation by the Directorate of Estate-application thereof in BSNL. view

Transfer and Posting in the grade of SDE (Civil). view


TN Circle News:

CS writes letter to CGM, TN Circle regarding Provision/Extension of GPRS/3G services to all officers in the level of JTO and above – view letter


Nominations called for Workshop on “IPMS Implementation” from 21/02/2014 to 22/02/2014 at RTTC, MM Nagar. View

BSNL CO orders:

Regarding APAR reported and reviewed by same officer – instructions


1. Transfer/ posting in the grade of EE(C). View

2. Retirement in the grade of CE (Civil). View

3. Voluntary retirement from service in respect of SDE (Civil). View

4. Retirement of Civil Wing Executives on superannuation for the month of January2014. View

Additional charge of the post of CE(C), Patna. View

Transfer/Posting in the grade of Executive Engineer(C). View


TN Circle News

A Combined SNEA (I) general body meeting of Chennai  Telephones and Tamilnadu Circle was held on 25.01.2014 in front of the new CGMT,Tamilnadu Circle  office at Greames Road, Chennai in connection with membership verification. A  large number of members have attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over jointly by Circle Presidents of CHTD and TN Circle, Com.N.Chitti Babu and Com.S.Sundarakrishnan. Com.Voomai Jayaraman, CT, TN Circle welcomed the gathering. Com.G.L.Jogi CHQ President, Com.K.Sebastin GS, Com.W.Seshagiri Rao and the CSs of CHTD and TN Circle addressed the gathering. CHQ President Com G L Jogi hoisted the SNEA flag in the newly erected flag staff at new CGMT office and GS Com K Sebastin unveiled the  the new commemorative inscription stone with new flag staff in the presence of Com W Seshagiri Rao, Major.Mohammed Ashraf Khan, CGMT Tamilnadu Circle, Smt.Radha, Sr.GM / HR and Admin, TN Circle, Com R Rajan, CHQ Treasurer, Com H Muthu, AGS, Com S Sundarakrishnan, CP / TN Circle, Com M Gopinathan, CS / TN Circle, Com Chitti Babu, CP/CHTD, Com Shanmuga Sundararajan, CS/CHTD,Com.Voomai Jayaraman, CT, TN Circle and Com.Tamilvendan, CT / CHTD,  other Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries, Activists and large number of Comrades. New commemorative inscription stone with new flag staff arrangements were made by DSs and the team of Chennai Division I, Civil Division and Electrical Division.   GS and CHQ President in their address explained the activities at CHQ level regarding standard E2, E3 pay scales, implementation of time bound functional promotions, promotions from JTO/JAO to SDE/AO, SDE/AO to DE/CAO and DE/CAO to DGM in different wings, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, pay protection for offtg promotion, pay anomalies, antedating etc. On E2, E3 pay scales and other issues, struggle is inevitable and we are duty bound to protect the dignity of the cadre. Future career prospect depends upon the financial viability of the company. The next pay revision in 2017 is just 3 years away, so we have to grow atleast 10% every year to reach a “no loss” position by 2017. The entire focus of the Association as well as members should be shifted towards the growth of the company in the coming days. Com W Seshagiri Rao in his address called upon the comrades to protect the achievements we had in the past. Now future of the company is under threat and we have to address the issue by improving the service. As per the requirement of the company, we should move from one place to another on promotion as per the requirement of the company, he advised. Com.Tamilvendan, CT / CHTD rendered vote of thanks.

Correction Slip No.2 to DSR 2013. View

Provisional Answer Key of LICE for promotion to the grade of AE (Arch) held on 18/01/2014

Any  discrepancy in the answer  key may be brought to the notice of the AGM (DE-II), DE Branch, BSNL CO, by sending only through e-mail by 06-02-2014.  Attachment in Excel/Word/Pdf format may be sent consolidating all the discrepancy in that  paper. No such e-mail received after 06-02-2014 shall be entertained. View


Shri.G.Parthasarathy, SDE (Civil), ABP, Greams Road office expired today at his residence in Kanchipuram. SNEA(I) TN Civil District Conveys its deepest Condolences to the  bereaved members of the family for this greatest loss. - DS

MOU signed with Canara Bank for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees. View

Circle News:




On 07-01-2014 Circle President and Circle Secretary along with ACSs, Office bearers of Chennai Division – I / II /III, Electrical & Civil Division and Office bearers of CHTD met Director HR & EB Shri.A.N.Rai at Chennai and extended heartiest thanks for the approval of the proposal to amend BSNLMS RR 2009 to increase the Regular STS quota from 50% to 75% (3978 posts) by the BSNL Board. Further insisted for the early settlement of standard pay scales, Regularization of JTO officiating, JTO to SDE seniority quota promotions etc.

Change of Holiday on account of Deepavali. View

 Management Education – BSNL Part time/Distance Learning Scheme – instructions

 Payment of IDA at revised rates with effect from 01/01/2014 – Orders issued by the BSNL CO

 Review of Adhoc appointment in the grade of SE(C). View

 Regular promotion in the grade of SE(C). View

 Transfer / Posting in the grade of SDE(C). View

 Technical Resignation in respect of SDE(C). View


Ch.TD News: 

List of Recognized Hospitals under BSNLMRS - As on  01-01-2014. View


BSNL notified the rules for membership verification among executives Associations.  Click here to view the Notification

Transfer/Posting in the grade of Executive Engineer(C). view

CHQ News:

JTO(C) to SDE(C) promotion: VC not received from KRL, WB and MP (1) Circles.


Correction Slips to DSR 2013. View


Grant of one time relaxation to regular Sub Divisional Engineers (Civil) who have not undergone prescribed entry level training for JE(C)/JTO(C) – View order copy

This case was pursued by the SNEA at all levels and finally got the relaxation order.

TN Circle News:

Revision of flat rates of license fee for departmental Qtrs. w.e.f. 01.07.13. View

CHTD News:

Holidays for Administrative and operative of Chennai Telephone District for the year 2014. View




(Paper-I, Paper-II)

(Any discrepancy in the answer key may be brought to the notice of the AGM (DE-II), DE Branch, BSNL CO, by sending only through e-mail by 12-01-2014. One attachment each paper in Excel/ Word/ Pdf format may be sent consolidating all the discrepancy in that paper. No such e-mail received after 12-01-2014 shall be entertained by this office)

Promotion to the grade of Additional Chief Engineer(C)(NF) as per BSNLMS Recruitment Rules 2009 for the Executives of Civil Engineering Stream - Calling of ACR / VC

Retirement on superannuation for the month of December 2013. View

Transfer / Posting in the grade of EE (Civil). View

Expected IDA increase with effect from 1.1.2014 is 5.0%. Total IDA is 90.5%.


TN Circle News:

New Year 2014 Greetings Message from CGM, TN Circle. View

Additional Charge Arrangements during the leave period of SAG officers. View


Re-designation of the post of CE (Arb - LandB) Bangalore and GM (LandB) Chennai. View

Transfer / posting in the grade of SDE (C). View


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